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StarBlood Arena

A futuristic combat flight shooter dedicated to VR sets, developed by WhiteMoon Dreams. The game enables us to assume control of battle pods, able to move around without conforming to the laws of physics. We are given 9 pilots, different in terms of play style, preferred weapons, and battle strategy. Our job is to take part in spectacular competitions taking place on special arenas. Each pod can be upgraded using parts that are unlocked in the course of the game, from strictly visual add-ons up to ones affecting the performance of our machine. The virtual reality googles enable us to look freely around the cockpit and target our enemies. The pods are agile and quick – the player’s job is mastering the mechanics of steering and dodging.

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Sony PlayStation 4
Game StarBlood Arena (PS4) cover
StarBlood Arena

StarBlood Arena | PS4

StarBlood Arena release date for PS4:

game language:

11 April 2017 | Worldwide

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet, players: 1-4
Game score 0.4 / 10 calculated out of 37 players' votes.  

Starblood Arena is a futuristic flight action shooter inspired by cult-classic Descent. The game, dedicated for PlayStation 4 VR sets, was developed by WhiteMoon Dreams, a small developer based in South California.


Starblood Arena enables the players to assume control over APEX Battle Pods – special, military-grade capsules, able to travel freely around the space without conforming to the laws of physics. Our job is to take part in spectacular clashes taking place in underground arenas. We are left with 9 pilots, different in piloting style, preferred weapon, as well as battle strategy.

Each of the Battle Pods can be modified – we can change colors, introduce new visual additions or mods that influence the performance of our machine. The vehicles are incredibly agile – the key to success lies in mastering the freefall mechanics and handling of each vehicle. During the game, we can freely look around the capsule using head movements – this method is also used to locate our targets.

Game Modes

StarBlood Arena for PlayStation 4 introduces a singleplayer campaign, as well as a set of multiplayer modes, including Carnage, a variation on classic Deathmatch, Team Carnage, Invaders, in which up to four players repel continuous waves of AI-controlled enemies, and Gridiron – a team goal-scoring game.

Technical Aspects

StarBlood Arena is characterized by decent 3D visuals, embelished with numerous special effects. Immense animation speed is definitely one of the mainstays of the game – the developers took extra time to bring the whole project to a satisfying outcome, considering various negative consequences stemming from longer playthroughs.