House Flipper

A unique investing and building construction simulation game by Empyrean. You play as a businessman, who buys housings in need of renovation. As such property often features many nasty surprises, you have to refurbish, clean and furnish the flat, so that you can sell it for profit. This involves tearing down unnecessary walls, getting rid of any pests or fixing damaged wiring. In House Flipper you use various tools, including an irreplaceable hammer. Furnishing the housing involves buying furniture and decorations, which you then have to put in proper places.

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PC / Windows
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House Flipper

House Flipper | PC

Simulation, construction,

Companies responsible for House Flipper

Empyrean | game developer

PlayWay | publisher   Official website

House Flipper release date for PC:

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20 November 2017 | Worldwide

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 9.6 / 10 calculated out of 57 players' votes.  

House Flipper for PC / Windows is an interesting investing and building construction simulation game by Polish studio Empyrean. The production was published by PlayWay, known for such games as Car Mechanic Simulator and 911 Operator.


You play as an investor, who buys houses in need of renovation. The problem with such property is that you never really know what you can find inside and which challenges and surprises await you there. There is, however, no gain without risk.

After making the purchase, you have to restore the flat to a better state. To do that you have to e.g. tear down unnecessary walls, getting rid of any pests or fix the wiring. You do it by using various tools, such as a hammer. The gameplay of House Flipper, however, involves more than just renovation. You also have to furnish the flats, which calls for buying furniture and decorations, and putting them in the right places.

Following all that, you have to take care of the mess, clean the windows, and sell the property for profit. This way you earn money for more investments and better tools.

House Flipper trailer #1

House Flipper trailer #1 | 1:07

Zwiastun House Flipper – symulatora, w którym wcielamy się w inwestora-budowlańca, kupującego podejrzanie tanie domy i odnawiającego je tak, by można je było z zyskiem sprzedać.