PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator is a unique production that is more of a training app than a game, where we will try ourselves in building a Personal Computer or learning how to do so. It was created by a single Romanian programmer known as Claudiu. When we start our adventure with PC Building Simulator, we have a simple PC case at our disposal and we have to put the motherboard, the power supply unit, the GPU, and other PC components in the right place. After doing so, we will have to connect them with the right cables. The game uses a simple and intuitive interface. The creator of PC Building Simulator was authorized by the leading manufacturers of PC parts to use the likeness of their products. Thanks to that, we will use PC parts that we can actually buy in stores.

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PC / Windows
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PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator | PC

Simulation, indie games

Companies responsible for PC Building Simulator

Claudiu | game developer

The Irregular Corporation | publisher   Official website

PC Building Simulator release date for PC:

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10 October 2017 | Worldwide

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 8.7 / 10 calculated out of 16 players' votes.  

PC Building Simulator for PC / Windows is a unique simulator that allows us to build our own PC. It was developed by one person, a Romanian programmer known as Claudiu, who decided to teach others how to build their own PCs by playing.


Gameplay in PC Building Simulator for PC / Windows is simple and intuitive. We begin an empty PC case in which we have to put the motherboard, power supply unit, graphics card, processor, and other PC components. We choose each of them from a menu and put them in the right place, i.e. we place the motherboard on the side wall of the PC case, attach the GPU to it, screw down the power supply unit in the lower part of the case, and so on. After putting the components in their destined place, we have to connect everything with the right cables. By clicking on particular inputs/outputs, we trigger menus with different plugs. The author of the game was authorized by the actual PC components manufacturers to use the likeness of their products, so the parts we use in PC Building Simulator are the same as the ones we can buy from retailers.

As you can see, PC Building Simulator is more like a training programme than an actual game in which we can try ourselves in building a PC or learn how to do it.