A three-dimensional platform game developed by Sony. The title was designed for PlayStation VR. Moss invites the players to a fantasy fairytale-like in which a mysterious stone awakens an ancient creature. A mouse hero named Quill is trying to face the threat. In order to succeed, she begins a dangerous journey through forests, dungeons and caves filled with riddles. The title is inspired by classic 3D platform games and it focuses on exploration, beating environmental obstacles, solving puzzles and fighting enemies. The game fully supports VR technology and it offers colorful, climatic graphics.

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Sony PlayStation 4
Game Moss (PS4) Cover

Moss | PS4

Moss release date for PS4:

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December 2017 | Worldwide

Game mode: single player

Moss for PlayStation 4 is a 3D platform game designed for virtual reality. It supports PlayStation VR.


Moss for PlayStation 4 invites players to a fairytale-like world in which a mysterious stone causes an ancient creature to awaken. A female hero mouse named Quill is tasked with facing this threat. She embarks on a dangerous quest during which she will travel through mysterious forests and large dungeons and caves.


The gameplay mechanics of Moss for PlayStation 4 are similar to ones used in 3D platform games with third-person perspective that focus mostly on exploration, beating environmental obstacles, solving riddles and participating in combat. The title uses VR technology.

Technical aspects

Moss offers simple, but colorful and atmospheric graphics that fit the light tune of the game.

Moss E3 2017 trailer

Moss E3 2017 trailer | 1:59

Materia³ z E3 2017.