That's You!

A social quiz game by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game utilizes the mobile app PlayLink, which means that you require a phone or a tablet with Android or iOS. The game can be played by at least two people, using one TV set or via the Internet. The gameplay consists of answering questions regarding the other players, such as “Who would laugh at their teacher's lame joke?” From time to time you also have to fulfill random orders, take photos, and draw simple pictures. The answers given by the players are shown on screen as pleasant animations.

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Sony PlayStation 4
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That's You!

That's You! | PS4

That's You! release date for PS4:

game language:

04 July 2017 | Worldwide

04 July 2017 | Europe PAL

04 July 2017 | USA NTSC

Game mode: multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet / common screen
Game score 6.5 / 10 calculated out of 11 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 4.9 / 10 calculated out of 4 players' votes.  

That's You for PlayStation 4 is a social quiz game. It was announced during the E3 event in 2017 and it's one of the first games by Sony Interactive Entertainment utilizing the free mobile app PlayLink.


The gameplay of That's You focuses on getting to know the other players better. There are no complex arcade challenges in the game and only required basic smartphone skills. During the game, you answer over 1000 questions about other players, such as “Who would laugh at their teacher's lame joke?” From time to time, depending on the randomly chosen orders, you also take pictures or draw simple pictures. The players' answers and the quiz results are shown on screen as pleasant 3D animations.

Game mode

The game can involve at least two players. Apart from the local mode, which can be played using a single TV set, it also features an online multiplayer mode.

Technical aspects

That's You is fully integrated with the PlayLink app, requiring the players to have a phone or a tablet with Android or iOS.

PEGI Rating

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty.Game contains bad language.Game depicts nudity and/or sexual behaviour or sexual references