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Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine is an espionage strategy game developed by the Polish CreativeForge Games. The action of the game is set in the 1980 and depicts an alternative version of the Cold War. A player spearheads a secret intelligence agency with the objective to stop a global plot to take control over the entire world. One has to recruit new agents, train and equip them, and provide them with false identities. It is necessary to complete reconnaissance missions, trade information, interrogate prisoners, and manage the operational budget. The missions themselves play a key role in the game - during a mission, a player has to lead a team comprising over a dozen agents. Each mission is turn-based. In the game, a player can mount frontal attacks with heavy weaponry as well as assume the covert approach to complete the actions. The game has been designed to allow high replayability. The situation in the virtual world tends to change rapidly and many elements are randomly generated. Players get at their disposal three characters - each one with a unique story, which significantly affects the gameplay.

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PC / Windows
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Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine | PC

Phantom Doctrine release date for PC:

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2018 | Worldwide

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 9.0 / 10 calculated out of 10 players' votes.  

Phantom Doctrine is an espionage strategy game developed by the Polish CreativeForge Games a studio known for creating such games as Hard West and Ancient Space.


In the [PLAT] release of Phantom Doctrine, the action is set in 1983. A player gets to lead The Cabal a secret intelligence organization set up to stop a worldwide plot designed to take control over the world by causing local conflicts between certain countries.

The authors have developed a rich story, which presents an alternative version of the Cold War; however, the campaign features also a number of real events and characters, which increases the sense of authenticity in the game.


In the PC / Windows release of Phantom Doctrine, a player is bound to spend most of the time completing the turn-based missions, during which they commands a team of over a dozen secret agents. The game offers a significant leeway when it comes to strategizing, by providing a player with a wide range of available actions. One can mount frontal attacks with heavy weaponry as well as assume the covert approach to complete the assignments.

Between the missions, a player has to manage The Cabal by dispatching agents on reconnaissance missions, recruiting new operatives from different intelligence agencies and criminal syndicates, training them, and assembling teams, which have to placed all around the world this allows a player to call for reinforcements during a mission, when necessary.

It is important for a player to acquire weapons, establish new relations, and conduct investigations, which might grant him access to new missions, resources, and technology this not only includes diverse pieces of gear but also interrogation techniques, brainwashing methodologies, and chemical boosters of agents' physique. As befits an espionage game, it is necessary to forge documents and provide one's subordinates with fake identities as well as appearance alterations.

Phantom Doctrine for PC / Windows has been designed in a way allowing the player to replay it multiple times without feeling bored. The gameplay is dynamic the global situation tends to change rapidly as a result of player's actions. Moreover, many elements, such as the characters' bios, names, intelligence data, and enemy locations on maps are procedurally generated. Upon starting his adventure, a player has to choose whether his character has worked before for CIA or KGB this decision affects the gameplay significantly. After completing the game for the first time, players get at their disposal a third character, with which they can start the New Game Plus mode.