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Pokemon Gold

New edition of classic entry in Pokemon series and part of the so-called second generation along with Pokemon Silver. The original debuted in 1999 in Japan for Game Boy Color handheld, and then has been released on Nintendo 3DS console family over fifteen years later. The story of Pokemon Gold takes place in a fictional world inhabited by titular creatures, as players once again venture as a beginning pokemon trainer to catch all of their species and beat the best trainers around. Pokemon Gold introduces many novelties compared to first generation, starting with new region (inhabited by previously unseen species of pokemon), night/day cycle and additional items, and ending with the system of breeding creatures. The core gameplay remained unchanged, so we explore the world from top-down view, interacting with NPCs, catching pokemon and engaging in turn-based against trainers we meet. All of this is presented in 16-bit colored visuals, complemented with music by Junichi Masuda. Additionally, the game supports local wireless and PokeBank application, the latter letting us transfer our pokemon to newer games from the series.

Nintendo 3DS
Game Pokemon Gold (3DS) cover
Pokemon Gold

Pokemon Gold | 3DS

RPG, science fiction, turn-based, 2D, Pokemon, multiplayer, co-op

Companies responsible for Pokemon Gold

Game Freak | game developer

Nintendo | publisher  

Pokemon Gold release date for 3DS:

game language:

22 September 2017 | Worldwide

22 September 2017 | Europe PAL

22 September 2017 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: local network, players: 1-2

Pokemon Gold is an emulated port of the second entry in the popular Pokemon series, one of the major franchises of Nintendo company. It is a twin version of Pokemon Silver and both games belong to the so-called second generation of the franchise. The original has been created for Game Boy Color handheld by Game Freak studio, while the port was released for the Nintendo 3DS family.


The story of shown in Pokemon Gold for Nintendo 3DS takes place three years after events of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Players act as yet another trainer starting the adventure in the protagonist’s family town – it lead through the Johto region, letting the player catch new species of titular creatures and face strongest trainers around.

Game mechanics

Unlike 2009’s Pokemon HeartGold, Pokemon Gold is a faithful port of the original Game Boy Color’s game. Like in 1999, it introduces features not seen in the first entries in the series. List of novelties starts with new region of Johto, inhabited not only by known pokemon, but also 100 previously unseen species, including legendaries like Ho-Oh, a mascot of the game. There are also two new types of them: steel and dark, both with their own pros and cons. Some of them can only be obtained in Pokemon Gold, so completing Pokedex requires trading with other players.

Second generation also introduces novelties to gameplay. Players can use new items, including previously not existing types of pokeballs. There are also daily and weekly cycles (some pokemon can only be caught during a certain time of a day), improved interface, new statistics and attacks of creatures. List of changes is closed by breeding system (which lets player obtain pokemon with moves and statistics inherited after their parents) and Shiny – extremely rare colors variants for all species.

Technical aspects

Pokemon Silver for Nintendo 3DS doesn’t change the original game, offering old-school visuals of Game Boy Color, although shades of grey from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue are replaced with color graphics. The visual side is complemented by 8-bit music soundtrack composed by Junichi Masuda. However, there are two technical novelties, one the being support for local wireless connection for trading and playing with others, and the other is that players can use PokeBank application to transfer their pokemon to newer games from the series, like Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

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Age Rating

age requirements: 12+