Doom (1993)

A first-person shooter set in a science fiction realm, created by id Software studio, previously known mainly for the arcade series Commander Keen and the groundbreaking Wolfenstein 3D. Action of Doom takes place in the near future, and players play the part of a cosmic Marine who, for insubordination, is sent to UAC corporation's secret research facility on Mars. When, in the fallout of an interdimensional gate experiment, the base gets overrun by bloodthirsty monsters from outer space, we have to provide reconnaissance and, of course, eliminate all potential threat. In each of nearly 30 levels of the game the player's task is to find an exit, the keys to open it, and to eliminate all encountered monsters using a wide arsenal of both classic and futuristic weapons. The game features a large dose of brutality, claustrophobic atmosphere, and three-dimensional graphic design.

PC / Windows
Game Doom (1993) (PC) Cover
Doom (1993)

Doom (1993) | PC

Action, FPP, fantasy, science fiction, FPS, multiplayer, shooters

Companies responsible for Doom (1993)

id Software | game developer

id Software | publisher  

Doom (1993) release date for PC:

game language:

10 December 1993 | Worldwide

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: local network, players: 1 - 4
Game score 9.0 / 10 calculated out of 1065 players' votes.  

Doom for PC / Windows is arguably the most famous first-person shooter in the history of computer entertainment. The game, although it was not the first representative of the FPS genre, put it on a pedestal and raised the standards for all companies trying to compete in this field.


In the near future, humanity has made a significant progress in the conquest of space; among other planets, we were able to colonize Mars and its two natural satellites: Phobos and Deimos. A military research facility was established on the surface of the Red Planet, intended to significantly contribute to further progress in the exploration of the solar system. The facility is controlled by UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation), which, on behalf of the army, quietly runs some super secret projects. Given the huge importance of the facility, permanently stationed on Mars is a large garrison of soldiers, able to respond quickly to any, even the most surprising, threats. Player plays the part of a member of a space division of marines who was sent to Mars to serve his punishment. A few months earlier, the soldier refused to obey a superior officer ordering him to shoot civilians, attacking him instead. The officer was sent in a coffin to be buried in Pearl Harbor, while you were waiting for a ship to take you to the Red Planet.

For a long time the UAC company has been experimenting with gates leading to other dimensions, intending them to become the means of ultra long distance space travel in the future. At first, everything went flawlessly and the company quickly managed to achieve satisfactory results. First items began to "journey" between Phobos and Deimos and similar experiments with living tissue were a matter of time; that's when the accident happened. Scientists from the base on Phobos sent a message that something terrible has escaped out of the gate and soon after the communications were lost. The military's response was swift. A squad of marines was dispatched to Phobos to conduct reconnaissance and eliminate any potential threat. You can guess who was ordered to lead them...

The problems begin in the hangar, the main gateway to the complex. Initially, your job was to hold the only escape route from the base, but after a few hours, it turned out that whatever seized the facility did not plan on leaving it anytime soon. Echoing cries of the murdered soldiers and uncontrolled shots from heavy automatic weapons were the best sign that something was definitely wrong. If you want to live, you have to enter the facility and survive. There is no other way...


Doom for PC / Windows is divided into three episodes, consisting of eight levels each. Including hidden stages, it gives a total of 27 levels. In every level you have to find an exit. It is often sealed by a door, to which you must first find a key of corresponding, one of three available, colors. Our hero is equipped with an impressive set of tools of destruction, including guns, rockets, energy weapons, bare fists and a chainsaw. Excluding the latter two, all other weapons require ammunition that can be found inside the complex. During the exploration, the player will also encounter a variety of bonuses to increase his life and armor. The number of enemies as well as their varied repertoire is are one of Dooms trademarks. Apart from ordinary soldiers who, thanks to an intervention from the outside, were turned into zombies, there are also beasts from hell, with fancy shapes and dreadful weaponry. At the end of each episode awaits a boss, whose extermination is necessary to complete the level and, in the long term, the whole mission.


The game had a phenomenal audiovisual setting. Its engine, although not fully three-dimensional, could generate sophisticated architectural constructs. A large number of tasteful textures (both futuristic as well as strictly hellish) allows the players to fully immerse themselves into the overwhelming atmosphere of doom. Another advantage is the game's sound setting, featuring suggestive sounds of weapons and monsters, as well as great, depressing music. The strength of Doom for PC / Windows lies not only in the carnage that can be unleashed on the screen, but above all in its claustrophobic atmosphere that many survival horrors can be jealous of.

Game Boy Advance
Game Doom (1993) (GBA) Cover
Doom (1993)

Doom (1993) | GBA

Doom (1993) release date for GBA:

game language:

28 October 2001 | Worldwide

16 November 2001 | Europe

28 October 2001 | USA

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: local network, players: 1-4

Doom is one of the most recognizable PC shooters. First entry in the franchise was ported to many platforms, both well-known (first generation of PlayStation) and some less popular. In the latter case, worthy of mentioning would be the now forgotten Jaguar console. The cult shooter lived long enough to see an edition designed for Nintendo portable consoles. To begin with, it is worth stressing that we are dealing with a fairly faithful conversion, as it does not differ too much from what the prototype had to offer. In addition, the experienced developers responsible for this edition can boast portable versions of games such as Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, and Tokyo Xtreme Racer in their portfolio.


During the game, the plot becomes mostly irrelevant. Pocket version of the game consists of 24 independent levels. Most stages were transferred unchanged. Thus, we are dealing with relatively simple structures, and the fans of the series should not be particularly surprised. The most important is of course the bloodbath involving various demons. No major changes here neither. Player can also rely on a well-known set of weapons.


The controls were adjusted to match the relatively limited capabilities of a hand-held. Developer took care, however, for the gameplay to be smooth and problem-free. It is worth noting, among other things, that the side buttons of the console can be used used to strafe. The pocket version of Doom for features a fairly complex multiplayer mode, that can handle up to four players. All in all, we can choose between two modes of play. For the enthusiasts of online battles there is the classic deathmatch. In addition, there is a possibility to play the game in co-op. In this case, up to two players can participate in the game.

Microsoft Xbox 360
Game Doom (1993) (X360) Cover
Doom (1993)

Doom (1993) | XBOX 360

Doom (1993) release date for XBOX 360:

game language:

27 September 2006 | Worldwide

27 September 2006 | Europe PAL

27 September 2006 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet / split screen, players: 1-4

Doom for Xbox 360 undoubtedly belongs to the best in electronic entertainment. This old-school bestseller, originally a PC exclusive, was also made available for the owners of Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. What the developers provided to the owners of the “three-sixty” was, de facto, an enhanced edition dubbed The Ultimate Doom, enriched, in comparison to the basic version, with the addition of various features, an additional episode, entitled Thy Flesh Consumed, among them.


Core of the game remained consistent with the original, where the user controls a fearless soldier, who has to face a multitude of different hell spawn in Martian environment. At our disposal is a number of lethal weapons – including chainsaw, shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher, and the powerful BFG 9000, as we eliminate creatures like zombies, demons, and strange cyber-spiders. While traversing the levels, observed obviously from first-person perspective, we also collect armors, access cards, etc.


The conversion of Doom to Xbox 360 allowed the developers, among other features, to upgrade the visual designs up to a maximum resolution of 1080p, improve textures, and implement a 5.1 surround sound support. Furthermore, the developers adjusted the multiplayer to support a split-screen mode for up to four players.

Age Rating

age requirements: 16+

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