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Sony PlayStation 2
Game Okami (PS2) Cover

Okami | PS2

Okami release date for PS2:

game language:

19 September 2006 | Worldwide

09 February 2007 | Europe PAL

19 September 2006 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single player , size: 1 DVD
Game score 8.6 / 10 calculated out of 495 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 8.0 / 10 calculated out of 10 players' votes.  

In Okami, the legendary monster Orochi has come back to life and turned the world into a veritable wasteland. Players must assume the role of a wolf, an embodiment of the sun god Amaterasu, which is capable of wielding unimaginable power. The state of the world lies in gamer’s hands as they must fight ominous beings and reclaim the earth from a curse that plagues it. It is crucial to help Amaterasu make the world a place where all living creatures can dwell once again.

Traditional Japanese art comes alive through beautiful scenic 3D levels that have the appearance and texture of paper scrolls brushed with watercolor-like calligraphy art. As a god in the form of a wolf, Amaterasu must reclaim its powers that are scattered throughout the earth, in order to help restore the land to its former beauty. As players progress through the game, they will travel to different regions in search for the other godly embodiments that are hidden, and regain Amaterasu’s powers. Rooted in the third person perspective, gamers will need to interact with the people they encounter, building their faith by clandestinely answering their prayers and wishes. As gamers lead Amaterasu through diverse environments, they will come across extraordinary monsters that originated from Japanese folklore.

Defeating the creatures that Amaterasu encounters will not be a small feat. The real-time fighting system not only involves biting and ramming strikes, but also allows for various attacks using bronze mirror of Yata on its back as well as a host of other unique abilities. This system allows the usage of a myriad of specials attacks typically not associated with the physical prowess of a normal wolf. As the wolf becomes more powerful, more attacks become available. This blend of stylized graphics and unique gameplay will result in a rich and dynamic experience never seen before.

Okami includes the following features:

• Intriguing and alluring main character – Assume the role of the sun god, Amaterasu, who descends upon the earth in the form of a wolf. The Japanese translation of the word wolf is “Okami”.

• Original visuals and revolutionary design– Rich stylized 3D graphics reminiscent of traditional Japanese art created on paper scrolls produce a large variety of stages with a watercolor-esque appearance.

• Epic tale that combines folklore and mysticism – Okami uses folklore to bring forth an immersive experience.

• Eclectic and diverse enemies – Diverse lineup of enemies based on Japanese folklore and myths.

• Diversified gameplay – Defeating monstersrequires the usage of not only physical attacks, but Amaterasu’s own unique abilities


Nintendo Wii
Game Okami (Wii) Cover

Okami | Wii

Okami release date for Wii:

game language:

15 April 2008 | Worldwide

13 June 2008 | Europe PAL

15 April 2008 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 8.3 / 10 calculated out of 6 players' votes.  

The multiple award-winning action adventure Ōkami™ is now available on the Wii™! Use the Wii Remote™ as a paintbrush to solve puzzles, create pathways, chop down trees or turn night into day. Ōkami comes alive through beautiful scenic 3D levels that have the appearance and texture of paper scrolls brushed with watercolor-like calligraphy art.

Throughout the vibrant and distinctive surroundings, interact with a dynamic cast of characters and build their faith to re-establish order and beauty to a world laid barren by evil.

New Widescreen (16:9) and 480p progressive scan support.

Real-time fighting system and special attacks using brush techniques to decimate enemies and solves puzzles.

Use innovative controls and the Wii remote to paint your desired powers.

Fight against a wide variety of fascinating yet deadly enemies!

Communicate with unique characters.

Blend of stylized graphics and unique gameplay results in a rich and dynamic experience.

Expand your god-like powers as you progress through the game!


Uses: memory card