Gangsters 2: Vendetta

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PC / Windows
Game Gangsters 2: Vendetta (PC) Cover
Gangsters 2: Vendetta

Gangsters 2: Vendetta | PC

Strategy, Economic, RTS, Gangster, Isometric view, Interwar period

Companies responsible for Gangsters 2: Vendetta

Hothouse Creations | game developer

Square-Enix / Eidos | publisher   Official website

Gangsters 2: Vendetta release date for PC:

game language:

06 June 2001 | Worldwide

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: local network / Internet, players: 1 - 4 , size: 1 CD
Game score 6.7 / 10 calculated out of 550 players' votes.  

Gangsters 2 brings to life the organized crime world of Prohibition America, a time when violence and greed ruled in the pursuit to become the boss of bosses. Use your skills and cunning to build a team of mobsters including specialists such as Card-Sharps, Hit-Men, Arsonists, and Safe-Crackers in the attempt to dominate the cities in the state of New Temperance.

Command your trusted Lieutenants to bribe officials, carry out hits, execute drive-by shootings and ambushes on enemy gangs. Run illegal businesses to fund your organization; if you are successful then pretty soon you will have riches, a bullet proof car and a team strong enough to run the state and help you face off against your arch-enemy...But only one of you will survive the vendetta...


24/7 Gameplay -- Both day and night play an equally important role in your strategy and movement around the city. Open up brothels and hit bank vaults in the small hours whilst running legal businesses during the day.

In-game Advice -- The advisor is there to assist you as you move up the ranks from a fledgling hoodlum to a feared and respected made-man. Listen and learn!

Real-time Strategy -- Move your units into action more effectively with devastating results, all with the click of a mouse button.

Improved Game Feedback -- A daily newspaper will give you the low-down on all aspects of your criminal empire as well as a whole host of other game play related information.

Large Campaign Mode -- Wreak havoc across the state of New Temperance and engage in battle through many diverse city maps or indulge in multi-player combat with friends.

Specialist characters -- A whole host of new characters are available for you to command; build up your team members experience points and take them onto bigger and better things by transporting them in the family tree.

System requirements

Recommended: Pentium III 450MHz, 128MB RAM, graphic card