Safari Biathlon

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Safari Biathlon

Safari Biathlon | PC

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21 September 2001 | Worldwide

Safari Biathlon Racer is a wild race between powerful turbocars of the future. Why a biathlon? Because by firing at the moving targets you can get to the finish line ahead of these targets. The event takes place on the racetracks of three different planets. On the first planet are held interplanetary competitions, on the second -- intergalactic. On the third, you'll have an opportunity to win the title of Universal Champion. Of course, it's only a mere shadow of an opportunity, a mirage, nothing more. You are representing the obscure planet Earth, while among your opponents are the best professionals from all over the Universe. Your chances to win are very slim. If not an absolute zero, they are immeasurably close to it.

In the races you can win large sums money so as to buy new and ever more powerful cars causing confusion and panic amongst your opponents. When you press Start, you are in for breakneck speeds, dangerously sharp turns, tracer bullets, a terrific soundtrack and the deep roar of mighty engines. The slightest slip and the super-powerful car is thrown violently off the track and crashes against a bridge pier, instantly reduced from the leader of the pack to a pitiful heap of scrap iron being smashed into by the closely following cars of the other contestants. And just when the finish is in sight, and you are again in the lead, your car is pumped full of bullets from behind and is sent skidding along the track only to be slammed into a second later by the sharpshooter's car, going full tilt. Meanwhile the third car is already crossing the finishing line. Good luck, ladies and gentlemen! Make your payments! The champion's cup is waiting for you! .

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

System requirements

Recommended: Pentium II 300MHz, 64MB RAM, graphic card + wykorzystuje joystick