Europa Universalis III

The third major installment of the popular strategy game series that is being developed by Paradox Entertainment since 2001. The action of Europa Universalis III takes us to the middle of the 15th century and lets us control the development of a chosen nation throughout the period of around 350 years. The gameplay mechanics do not significantly deviate from the solutions known from the previous installments of the series. While playing, we are responsible for such aspects of a state’s functioning as the diplomacy, trade, economy, religion, and military. There are over 250 playable nation at players’ disposal and the fun takes place on a map consisting of over 1700 provinces and sea zones located on all continents. The title is traditionally set in historical setting and faithfully recreates the differences between nations or the historical development of science and technology. Among the minor novelties, the most noteworthy one is the modernized and more user-friendly interface.

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PC / Windows
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Europa Universalis III

Europa Universalis III | PC

Strategy, Economic, RTS, multiplayer, war strategy

Companies responsible for Europa Universalis III

Paradox Development Studio | game developer

Paradox Interactive | publisher   Official website

Europa Universalis III release date for PC:

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23 January 2007 | Worldwide

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: local network / Internet
Game score 8.2 / 10 calculated out of 1247 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 8.0 / 10 calculated out of 27 players' votes.  

The third installment in the excellent strategy game series by Paradox Interactive that allows us to go back to the 15th century and lead a nation of our choosing through history. Similarly to its predecessors, the developers give every aspect of state functioning at our disposal, including the diplomacy, trade, economy, religion, and military. Continuing on the path set by Europa Universalis and Europa Universalis II, the creators didn’t change the proportions or importance of the abovementioned elements. All dependencies are just as they were in the previous two games in the series. The purpose of the third one is to simply enrich the playing experience.


The game starts in 1453, just after the Turkish conquest of Constantinople, and finishes around when the French and American revolutions break out. There are over 250 historical nations to choose from, and the terrain where the fun takes place consists of over 1700 provinces and sea zones located on all continents. The game has a historical background so at the very beginning, we find the world exactly as it actually was, including country borders, reigning rulers, system, and economic state, among other things. The further course of events depends entirely on the player and the AI-controlled rulers. Therefore, it is possible for the Portuguese to colonize Virginia or for Poland to become an empire that spans the entire Europe.

Naturally, even though we can completely change the course of history, the game tries to relatively faithfully show the cultural differences between nations (e.g. European and Chinese architecture or different types of units) as well as recreate the actual technical and scientific development (we won’t witness any inventions unknown to mankind.

Europa Universalis III for PC / Windows puts an emphasis on the user interface. It was completely modernized to make it more intuitive and friendlier to beginners. The series’ veterans can make use of a large amount of novelties such as the increased interaction between the pope and rulers, influential nobles (known from Crusader Kings), leadership options from Victoria, and the intelligence known from the Hearts of Iron series.

System requirements

Recommended: Pentium 4 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphic card 128MB (GeForce FX5700 or better), 1 GB HDD, Windows 2000/XP

Europa Universalis III Chronicles Launch Trailer

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