Shenmue II

A direct sequel to the first installment in the series of adventures of Ryo Hazuki, a martial artist who arrives in Hong-Kong to find the murderers of his father. The game, developed by an in-house studio belonging to Sega, allows you to explore several large districts of the Pearl of the Orient, including the Aberdeen Harbor, Wanchai, and Kowloon. Shenmue II utilizes the third person's perspective; the gameplay consists of exploring detailed locations, talking to NPCs and completing quests for them, and fighting encountered enemies using a number of hand-to-hand combat techniques. The protagonist also has to earn his living, for example by working in the docks. Additionally the day-night cycle makes some events happen only at a given time. The production features pleasant visuals, visually based on the first installment.

Microsoft Xbox
Game Shenmue II (XBOX) Cover
Shenmue II

Shenmue II | XBOX

RPG, TPP, classic RPG

Companies responsible for Shenmue II

SEGA | game developer

Microsoft Studios | publisher   Official website

Shenmue II release date for XBOX:

game language:

28 October 2002 | Worldwide

21 March 2003 | Europe PAL

28 October 2002 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single player , size: 1 DVD
Game score 8.9 / 10 calculated out of 210 players' votes.  

Shenmue II for Xbox is the second installment in the series of adventures of Ryo Hazuki, and a sequel to the first one, released for Dreamcast only.


You play as a martial artist, who arrives in Hong Kong, searching for the murderers of his father. There are several large districts of the Pearl of the Orient for you to explore, including the Aberdeen Harbor with British architecture, the shopping district Wanchai, and the grim nooks of Kowloon; you can also venture into the wild mountains of southern China.


Shenmue II is a TPP game. You can talk to every NPC, and some places are filled with people. The passerby give you directions and can even lead you to a place when you ask them. Like in the first installment, you have to earn your living, for example by working in the docks. There is also a day-night cycle; some events only happen at a given time. When in combat, you can use a range of various attack combos, and some situations feature the use of special hotkeys—sometimes a combination appears on screen and you have to quickly repeat it.

Technical aspects

The game utilizes the capability of Xbox, while retaining the original visual style. Thanks to those elements, Shenmue II is an epic story, full of action and plot twists.

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Age Rating

age requirements: 12+