Littlest Pet Shop Friends: Beach

Nintendo DS
Game Littlest Pet Shop Friends: Beach (NDS) Cover
Littlest Pet Shop Friends: Beach

Littlest Pet Shop Friends: Beach | DS

Arcade, animated TV series

Companies responsible for Littlest Pet Shop Friends: Beach

Electronic Arts Inc. | game developer

Electronic Arts Inc. | publisher   Official website

Littlest Pet Shop Friends: Beach release date for DS:

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16 October 2009 | Worldwide

16 October 2009 | Europe

20 October 2009 | USA

Game mode: single / multiplayer
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Littlest Pet Shop Friends is a sequel to the Little Pet Shop developed by Electronic Arts. Similar to its predecessor, the game is based on the popular toys sold by Hasbro, so it is meant rather for the younger gamers.

The enhanced graphics are equally colorful as in the previous installment, but the protagonists have completely new adventures ahead of them. There are also new animals among them, such as peacock or ladybug. In total, there are 16 new animals to choose from, while the users of Nintendo DS have additional selection in the form of animals created exclusively for that console.

Each of our wards was given an expanded personality and special traits thanks to which the gameplay is much more enthralling. Additionally, every animal has a friend who supports him with his skills while performing tasks. We use the animals to deliver invitations, serving cakes and ice creams, and also collecting decorative elements. The developers prepared a number of new gifts which can be given to our animals, and also new mini-games, being a nice change from the main tasks.

It is also possible to play with a friend in the cooperative mode.

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